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Jeans, jeans and jeans !!! Long jeans, shorts, skirts, long dungarees, short overall, jackets, ripped jeans and not with a light wash and a dark wash. Match denim on denim, mix styles and colors for a style ranging from casual to elegant, from urban style to classic style. Jeans are perfect for any event and situation: jeans with ankle cuffs, skinny jeans to shape the your body, two-tone jeans and boyfriend jeans, high-waisted jeans, the so-called Mom fit, which enhances the wasp waist…Many many ideas to be always fashionable, matching sweaters, crop top, t-shirts or shirts for every taste and need, combined with the right accessories, a pair of sunglasses and a bag, colored sneakers, sandals or boots...for an outfit that is always at the top. Wear Suite Benedict and certainly everybody will notice your style!